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Solo Skiing, Snowboarding and Travel Guide

Welcome to The Solo Travel Guide, brought to you by The Ski Gathering. If you have any questions about winter holidays, solo travel and single skiing, you have come to the right place. Here, we will be compiling the go-to online resource for winter sports solo travel, with expert advice and useful resources on how to get the most out of your solo travel experiences this winter.

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Where shall we go?

Ski & Snowboard Tips

Insider knowledge, tips and tricks from experts who have been based in resort forever. From preparing for your first ski holiday to venturing off-piste in the backcountry.

General Ski & Snowboard Tips

Solo Skiing &Travel

Practical advice all about individual travel and solo skiing. Top tips and safety advice for your first solo adventure, or how to turn your annual travels into a lifelong passion.

Solo Travel & Single Skiing

Activities & Adventure

Expert advice and top resources about exploring the world of outdoors, whether you're climbing up it, getting down it, heading straight through it, or just taking an amazing picture of it.

Outdoors & Adventure

Solo Travel & Single Skiing

Guide to Solo Ski Holidays

The definitive guide in 2024

The definitive guide to Solo Ski Holidays in 2024. Who Goes? Where to go? How to Book? Everything you need to know about solo ski holidays.

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Skiers checking out the Guide to Solo Ski Holidays

The Six Concerns of Solo Skiers...

And how to avoid them

Six of the little things that might make some people think twice about booking a solo ski holiday, and how to get around them.

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A skier or snowboarder admiring the Alpine view

Who else is travelling solo?

And why they go it alone

More and more people are booking solo travel experiences by choice rather than by necessity. So who are they and what makes solo travel so popular in 2024? We find out.

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Where to ski solo and why

Top ski routes for solos

The definitive list guide to skiing solo. Where to ski and why - as a single skier and as a group of solo travellers together. Definitive list of solo routes.

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Snow covered trees on the mountains in a beautiful place to ski solo

The Solo Ski Experience

Solo veterans share their stories.

We emailed our past solo skiers & boarders and asked them to tell us about their solo ski holiday experiences and, being the amazing people that they are, they sent us back some gold.

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Skiers on a lift telling solo ski holidays stories and experiences

General Ski & Snowboard Tips

What's your level of skiing?

And why you need to know

What level of skier or snowboarder are you? Find out what to focus on next and which ski or snowboard lessons (if any) are right for you.

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A Lady on skis looking at les gets

Buying ski equipment and clothing

The Improver's Guide

What should you buy, what should you borrow, and what should you hire? Save money and get exactly what you need for your ski holiday.

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Skis and Snowboards standing outdoor

Skiing versus Snowboarding

Which is right for you?

The definitive guide to choosing your snowsport. Wondering whether you should you ski or snowboard? We ask an expert and close the book.

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A skier vs a snowboarder. Skiing Vs Snowboarding

Week One as a Snowboarder

Q&A with Phil Teare

What should you expect from your beginner's snowboarding holiday? Backflips and an Instagram following or just a sore bottom? Your questions answered.

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A beginner snowboarder on the mountain

Ultimate pre-ski planning resources

The Definitive Guide

The ultimate guide to ski holiday preparation. The web's best resources for skiers and snowboarders gearing up for their winter fix.

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Planning a Ski Day at the top of Kitzsteinhorn

Outdoor Activities and Adventures

Outdoor activities and adventures

Best of the Web

The same adventurous spirit which makes so many people feel the urge, even the need, to travel solo also compels many of those same people to explore the great outdoors. The overlap between those who enjoy travelling independently and those who enjoy outdoor activities is significant. If these descriptions apply to you, then you'll know why already. It's the feeling of total freedom you get. Surely each of us can understand the appeal of 'me-time'...

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