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The Six Concerns of Solo Skiers The six questions solo skiers asked before they took the plunge

Whether it's a ski holiday, a pool-side summer escape or a journey of self-discovery, the same problems seem to crop up for the majority of people who choose to travel alone. For the many advantages there are to enjoying a holiday on your own, it can so often be the little things that put some people off the idea of getting out there and booking a solo adventure. Here are six of the little things that might make some people think twice about booking a solo ski holiday, and how The Ski Gathering can put your mind at rest.

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What is a solo ski holiday like?

We have written an in depth guide to solo ski holidays which details all aspects and tells you exactly what they are like. You will find it here.

We have also compiled an survey of past guests who have given their honest opinion of the solo ski holidays scene. You will find this here.

Solo Skier in Snowy Mountain

Doesn't it cost more to ski solo?

Perhaps the biggest concern for solo skiers is the single supplement - a headache which we can cure straight away: with The Ski Gathering, there is no single supplement. But this article will go into a little bit more depth, considering some of underlying concerns which solo travellers might have not only before booking a ski holiday, but before any travel adventure alone.

Won't I be bored if I travel alone?

Solo travel and having fun with other people are not mutually exclusive, and you should never be lonely when travelling alone. The Ski Gathering is the perfect representation of how it is possible to book a great ski holiday just for yourself, but have a fantastic time and share unforgettable experiences with a group of like-minded people.

We think of our guests as groups of friends who haven't met yet, and we organise every holiday with this in mind. Wherever possible, we will try to place our skiers in groups of similar age, ski experience etc. - creating a nice mix while making sure that everyone feels welcome and every bit as involved as they want to be.

Large Group of Solo Skiers

Will I be safe?

One of the things which puts many people, and especially women, off solo travel is the thought that they might not be safe when travelling alone in an unfamiliar environment. By booking as part of a group of solo skiers, you can make sure that you are never left isolated and vulnerable. In fact, by booking a The Ski Gathering chalet holiday, you can remain safely within the confines of the chalet every evening if you wish to.

The only night you'll need to go out will be the staff night off, when we organise a meal out for the group as a whole. So, relax and feel comfortable in the company of your new ski buddies.

I won't know where to get started with skiing and the local area

Booking with The Ski Gathering, you can be sure that there will be others in your group who are about your own level of skiing experience. If you're a beginner, you can also be sure there will be plenty of other people to show you how it's done.

While we don't offer ski instruction ourselves, we do love to go skiing with our guests and show them the best runs for their level of skiing. We will also help you to organise the right sort of ski lessons for you. You'll be cruising along in no time.

Group on Ski lesson in Les Gets

What will I do at meal times?

The French Alps are world-famous for the amazing cuisine, but mealtimes are often the time when solo travellers feel most solitary. And while a good book and a table for one can be a great night out, it's not for everyone and it's not for every night. The Ski Gathering holidays are catered chalet holidays, and you will be enjoying your evening meal and breakfast with people who are just like you.

The Ski Gathering holidays are for people who are comfortable and confident enough to travel alone, but who would always prefer to be meeting new people and experiencing new things. So often in life, it is over a good meal that the social barriers are brought down and great friendships are formed. So, save the book for when you get home: pull up a chair and join the discussion..

Group of Solo Skiers dining

My holiday photos will just be empty snowscapes and no people

With the word 'selfie' now firmly settled in the Oxford English Dictionary, solo travel photos are perhaps less of a problem than they used to be. But at The Ski Gathering we think there's a better way to capture your favourite ski holiday moments. As you head out onto the slopes with your new ski buddies, there'll be no shortage of people to take your photo, and no shortage of people queuing up to be in your photos, too.

By the end of the week, you'll have a group of friends you won't forget - make sure you get a few snapshots of them all to bring those memories back again and again in years to come.

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