4 Skiers on a ski holiday in Zell Am See / Kaprun

Social Ambassadors at The Ski Gathering

Become a Social Ambassador at Ski Gathering and enjoy discounted ski holidays while meeting new people.

What is a "Social Ambassador"?

In a nutshell a Social Ambassador is a Ski Gathering veteran who has volunteered to come back to show new people the ropes. They have been in your shoes on previous trips, and know what it's like to arrive at your first TSG holiday. They may not even have a complete knowledge of the resort but that's OK, that's not why they are here. Their role is to make everyone feel welcome and ensure no one feels left out.

Where do we use Social Ambassadors?

For now we use Social Ambassadors on our holidays in Zell Am See.

They are still a paying guest, just like you. We do though give them a discounted rate in appreciation of all they bring to our trips. Anyone can be a Social Ambassador but we do have certain requirements which you can read about below.

Social Glue

They are here to introduce everyone and bring the group together at the start of the trip. The TSG Social Ambassador is here to bring the group together, to keep everyone in the social loop so individual guests can dip in and dip out as much as they like to all the goings on.

What it is not

Our Social Ambassadors do not work for The Ski Gathering. They are not a resort rep. The hotel staff are here to help you with lift passes, point you to the hire shops and help you with any other practical issues. Of course Andy and the rest of the Ski Gathering partners are always just a phone call away too. This is also not a ski guide / mountain guide role.

How do I become a Social Ambassador?

To become a ski gathering partner we would ask you fulfil the following requirements:


What does the role entail?

Below is a list of the typical duties of a Social Ambassador. The primary role of the Social Ambassador is to be the "social glue" that keeps everybody in the loop. We will be providing guidance on all subjects listed below. We will also have a chat about what the complete duties of a Social Ambassador are closer to the holiday.

What is NOT your job:

Contact Us

If you are interested in becoming a Social Ambassador with The Ski Gathering please drop us a message letting us know and we will be in touch.